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Nanga Parbat is one of the mountains you should absolutely only attempt if you're a serious mountain climber. It's so much more difficult than everest.

People often say Everest is for the tourists, K2 is for the climbers, but that could also be applied to Nanga Parbat and some of the other 8 thousanders.


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They named it after a bulk carrier (one of the largest ships in the world at the time) that sank off the coast of Japan in a typhoon. It was carrying almost 100 thousand tons of iron ore from the mine I worked at for 10 years.

Or maybe just a place in England.

Don't mind me.


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I would suggest to anyone who's interested to check out the Cape Shore on the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada.

Similar idea but it's changing now. When I went there for summer holidays in the 80s and 90s the dialect sounded so old fashioned Irish. They even have had historians out there who say how similar the accent is to the areas around Wexford and Waterford Ireland from long ago.


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Jays are corvids so they are pretty damn intelligent. And watching them fly through the thick alders behind my house is like watching fighter jets from 200 years in the future, its insane how they can maneuver in and out of small spaces at such high speed.


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You've got about 5-10 minutes max in the north Atlantic until you're too numb to move.

Source: This is where I grew up and we were told this constantly by rescue workers coming to our schools and making announcements on the evening news etc...

There wasn't going to be any swarming going on.


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My parents who were the age of most grandparents when I was growing up, grew up in small fishing towns in Newfoundland many many moons ago. They told me how you would heat up a brick (yes the fire safe kind) wrap it up and lay it in the end of the bed when you were sleeping. It would keep the bed warm during the night even if the fire in the stove happened to burn out during the night.