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You're better off going to a thrift store and browsing through their selection. Older wool coats are (on the whole) substantially better than anything being produced nowadays.

My general rule of thumb: US-made wool is pretty good. You'll be hard pressed finding anything better that one made in the UK.

New production wool (on the whole) is substantially lighter than wool from 50+ years ago. 32-36oz was standard then. Now, 24oz is considered "heavy" and most will be around 12-18oz. Most tend to be more open-weave and will let more wind through.


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It is probably merino wool, pretty much the most common out there nowadays. Simply because it's widely available and comfortable for the average consumer.

I highly (I mean highly) do not recommend you going down the rabbit hole of sheep wool and that from other animals. You'll go crazy trying to understand the characteristics of different breeds/specials and construction methods.

That said, you'd be better off looking at companies based off of their reputation. In general, merino wool is commonly used in anything from a $30 hoodie to several hundred (even thousand) dollars. Merino itself tends not to be very durable and pills extremely easy. Some companies have been able to figure out the magical formula for it, most haven't.


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Shinola is not made in the US. They're assembled in the US. Phenomenal design aesthetic, mediocre watches.

The movements they use are not expensive or hard to obtain. Unless they've done something recently, any competent watch repair shop should be able to service them.


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Get a new mattress in high school, get some cheapo jersey-knits from Bed Bath, and Beyond. Use them through high school. Use them through college. Use them through grad school. Use them through 6 more years after that.


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If you want durability, you want leather. Since you want cheap footwear, you're better off buying surplus military.

As long as you don't saturate the leather boots with wax conditioners, they'll breathe just fine. Wear decent wool socks also.