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thts a minimum with no redundancy

youd want at least a 1000% redundancy

a look at all the supply chains and the specialists to maintain them might be a start

economy of scale comes into the modern sustaining the high tech and if you chop that out they are no longer viable

likewise with enough scale cuts basics start failing as well


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>While the results don’t reveal anything new about lithium-ion batteries, they demonstrate how more powerful quantum computers could be used to accurately simulate complex chemical reactions in the future.

So Ford didnt use ... to find ... ???????

More it being plans for future attempts at progress.


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Ductility is the ability of a material to sustain a large permanent deformation under a tensile load up to the point of fracture, or the relative ability of a material to be stretched plastically at room temperature without fracturing. Ductility can be measured by the amount of permanent deformation indicated by the stress-strain curve.

Many definitions of 'tough' are not this.


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well I was always talking about the headline

a huge added cost trying to drive massive change in such a short time

forced instead of letting progress be done by what is workable in the market.

And finally the proposal being filled with weasel words to cover the impracticality and postential disaster of such a thing being attempted


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"""US can reach 100% clean power by 2035, DOE finds, but tough reliability and land use questions lie ahead"""

This is the WHOLE SYSTEM

It includes all the 'dirty' stuff generated by EVERY ASPECT of this thing to makle it work.

It requires the whole system being reworked.

Funny is : I just noticed the word "can" in that above statement which technically means it does not limit the solution to reasonable cost or lack of imposed tyranny or all the other serious issues and concerns which will likely have to be made use of to achieve this 'goal'.

It sounds very much like a communist 'five year plan' when you consider how it is expressed. The scope of it is also is as potentially catastrophic as such plans historically were.

Notice that word 'but' there too - which already indicates that serious problems ALREADY lay in the path of any such 'solution'.


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please quote me the prices of these cars

thats the first multiplier - you have to buy them before you can use them

and then have the assumed shortages of the materials used for a vastly increased number being built - something you might try to consider the impact of.

likewise the manufacture will need to be clean too, and recycling as well.

And please address the ever present issue of where the power comes from for these autos - explain how all that electricity will be generated without fossil fuels being involved.

As usual, the entire picture of the actual needed solution is avoided to make such claims.


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the lawyer part of the equation - lawsuits for the accidents which will happen and the insurance which will have to be carried may determine the workability of this