waitingforgoodoh OP t1_is1x3h6 wrote

I grew up in cincinnati, lived in SF and now live in Brooklyn

I love Cincinnati, but there are several things that make living in NYC much better for me at this time in my life (i'm 31) --

- There are simply more people and that means there are more ambitious and interesting people too. Because you are in a small area it is easy to bump into them

- Because ppl from elite colleges tend to congregate in a handful of cities, lots of your friends and friends of friends end up there if you went to one of these schools, so you have a better social life which is very important to me

- The jobs are much higher paying and even tho cost of living is very expensive you end up saving way more anyway (if you are in a highly paid industry)


That said it's obnoxious when people dismiss smaller cities / towns, I think the quality of food and culture is just as high in many places as it is in New York, it's just the scale that is different. I think the divide here is bad for society overall