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non native english speakers often end up having a much larger vocabulary and much better at writing papers.

because we learn our english from our parents and other people and how they talk, what words they use.

most non natives learn their english from teachers and books and more "official" english. our parents english isn't college paper english, nor are they dictionaries.


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thx for the reply.

and ya i just chocked it up to the current state of immune system discussion. i assume they were assuming my questions were to look for an alternative to vaccines. as asking about it kinda makes me sound anti-vax.

if we weren't in covid times they probably wouldn't have assumed that. i think.


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thanks for the reply.

I'm fully vaccinated and understand that vaccines are the best defense we can create, but i was still curious to ask if your immune system can enhance general defenses.

does getting a specific virus multiple times have the same effect as multiple vaccines? like the cold, if I ha the cold 100 times would my immune system be better at fighting future colds? more than someone who has maybe only had 20? assuming I had the same strain 100 times that is.