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(Stupid) Question: For something like car insurance, are they mailing cash? Or is the cash just symbolically in the envelope and gets deposited back into the bank in time for a normal check to clear? Or what? (I have been autopay everything for decades so I have no idea how this works)


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couldnt they like chisel a rock with their initials? digging up lead ore from a mine and refining it just to bury it for centuries sounds expensive still.


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They carried lead along the oregon trail? The heaviest known substance of the time? To...mark corners of peoples home plots????

Please elaborate so this stops sounding crazy


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Just to add clarity to "analog resolution" - film, optics, and analog signal resolution is generally measured similar to pixel pitch.

You take a card with two black squares with a white square between, and a card with just a grey rectangle, then see how far away you can tell the cards apart, on your photograph, thru the optics eyepiece, or on the oscilloscope. In other words, what angle does 2 dots look like 1 dot. Then how many of said angles fit on a rectangle - there's your megapixels equivilent.

The cards look something like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EIA_1956_resolution_chart

It's kind of funny that some people don't realize that a lot of 1960s photos and movies are higher resolution than 4k movies are today. Good IMAX and 35mm film was very high res.


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For a great example of Android on e-ink, look at the mobiscribe. I've used it daily for years. It's a companion to my smartphone, not a replacement. I got excited as the prospect of a pocket-sized version, but was very disappointed to discover they didn't include stylus support here. So, I'm still waiting on that pocket sized version. For a big version, consider boox. There's also Remarkable and Amazon Scribe but I believe those run Linux without Android.


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I am talking about charging at 5V 3A using a 65W in-spec USB-C PD charger, which definitely supports that. I only named Apple because they are a core member of the USB-C coalition and designed the spec in the first place, but no in-spec charger of any brand charges these flashlights for some reason. The flashlights can't activate the 5V 3A handshake message.


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These laws, as written, are just going to make the situation worse.

What they should have done instead is outlaw devices that only support out-of-spec USB-C cable that comes with the device. Half the flashlights on r/flashlight are like this. If you plug an in-spec cable/charger into them they refuse to charge. They lack of the most basic of handshake resistors to request 5V >250mA so you have to use the 5V infinityA cable they pack with the flashlight.