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My highlights from the article:

Eastman has long attracted controversy in the state Capitol. He was censured in 2017 after claiming that women in rural villages try to get pregnant so they can get a free trip to the city for an abortion.

No, i am shocked. Shocked.

Seasoned lawmakers said he has alienated every caucus he has joined with his uncompromising approach to legislation and his tendency to use his newsletters to bully his GOP colleagues.

I hope he has no partner and no children, classic abuser behavior.

Eastman himself did not respond to a request for an interview. In a text message, he said, "I was happy to hear that ACT is taking a stand against child abuse, but the value of a child is not derived from their future productivity, but from the fact that every child is made in the image of God."

Understood, he's an Ultra-Christian Right-Winger.

Gray said Eastman has "boldly shown who he is," pointing out that he has solidly won four consecutive elections.

He may be a Far-Right Ultra-Christian Oath Keeper who is shunned even by his GOP colleagues, but he is one of US.