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Fair. It being the bulk of our diet sounds like a bad idea, but I feel like it could help fill some gaps with people who maybe don’t have great access to healthy variety. We’re good at adapting but also creatures of habits. I feel like some of these generalizations change widely between person to person.


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Yes, but we know that while that diet isn't the worst for surviving, we have information that tells us what nutrients help us thrive. It's not all a consumer-based construct, you're flipping to the other end of the extreme. We don't live on a Polynesian Island anymore. In modern society we prioritize mental clarity and maximum energy to be productive, therefore the foods we eat match. If I had access to this range of nutrients in the past, I would eat them. Cause why not.


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This is random, but I know stuff like baby or pet food is packed with nutrients. It’s well-rounded enough to be the cornerstone of a diet. I wonder why us humans tend to stop doing that as we age. Like yeah we have more choices, but as we all know with the current state of humans, that doesn’t always equate to better choices being made. I’m surprised it’s not more popular to eat like powders you can mix with something or something like that to get all of your nutrients in one meal. Sure it might not taste the best, but there’s gotta be some way to make it taste tolerable.