warg99 t1_itrw6uj wrote

I think you are making some great points and open up for an interesting discussion.

The way i see it is like this. Feel free to critisize or develope my ideas, id be happy to discuss this subject.

Fluid intelligence refers to the potential capacity for manipulation of information using cognitive working memory tools within the psyche (The psyche being the abstract realm in which we percive ourselves to live from). The psyches working memory is highly connected with functions such as perception, consciousness and long term memory, all playing a role in fluid intelligence potential.

Creativity is the ability to infer realistic abstractions upon a perception. It is the capacity for realising relationships and arrangments that fulfill a real purpose to whatever context in which it (creativity) is being used.

To me it appears that one (fluid intelligence) refers to the real cognitive functionality and one (creativity) refers to the reach of cognitive working memory processes. In creative people fluid intelligence will be of great use, since it allows for greater association and linking between abstract concepts. However in non creative people, fluid intelligence still performs its function of processing information in sofisticated representations allowing for a deeper understanding of whatever they are trying to comprehend.

An argument which can be made is that a high fluid intelligence perhaps can perform the function of creativity to a limited extent. Since it allows for greater representability of perceptions making it easier to discover relationships. The difference then being that relationships are discoverd, rather than inferd.