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I would check with HR or your manager to see if you could be full remote. They may allow an exception if you explain your individual situation. Commuting to NYC isn't great, but it is possible. Many CT people do it. Commuting to Boston on the other hand is awful. It's just too far.


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I am curious how they were able to break the terms? I have also been using third parties when it is cost effective and have only heard of third parties raising the rates ludicrously high after the term expires. This caught people by surprise that were not paying close attention. Never during the contract term. Can you share?


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Not what I said. I'd like him to be less concerned with getting in front of cameras and on Twitter talking about Taylor Swift/ Ticket Master and spend more time working towards and talking about issues that impact most residents of our state. IMHO, it's a bad look spending time talking about concert sales gone wrong when the electric companies are going to be impacting thousands of people with a massive rate hike.

I know where he works and who he works for. Some of those people are on fixed incomes and are going to suffer. Yet he seems unconcerned as do our other local, state and federal representatives.