wdwerker t1_j6lj3eh wrote

I got to meet her before a show at Chastain Amphitheater. They were doing a sound check while I was finishing modifications to the concession stands. Nice lady. The client told us to give them whatever they asked for on the house. The crew were smoking a joint in the middle of the seating.


wdwerker t1_j6li8tz wrote

I went to Target today for the first time in a few years and had to fuss quite a lot to get someone to ring up my purchase. I knew they try to force you to self check a Walmart but that’s my last visit to Target !


wdwerker t1_ix8oc0u wrote

Got to meet him at a distance one night after a race in the pits. He was sitting around a fire with all the track crew telling racing stories . Then an idiot kept asking about movies and couldn’t take a hint to quit so Newman quietly left.