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OMG - who wrote this? An excellent snippet:

“The raw cashews are then roasted at high heat, either by steaming them in a large rotating drum or vat of boiling oil to remove urushiol remnants before they can be shelled, thoroughly dried, and peeled.”

So, they’re ROASTED by STEAMING them in BOILING OIL.


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No, pretty sure the Heave thing is correct, especially since it can essentially be ‘underground’ when muddy soil freezes hard and pushed the water content upward as ice.

I come across it all the time here in the NE, on winter hikes mostly, especially on a cold (20° or below) morning when the previous day was warmer/rainy.


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Who throws things in the trash?

My electronics are all recycled - by NYC law, actually.

A bit of a pain in the butt to hold on to old devices and electrical equipment until an electronics recycling day, but even the copper and magnets from random electrical/appliance devices get reused in this way.

Outside of NY, I have to pay a small fee to bring my electronics to a container at the local garbage/recycling center, which then gets transported to a similar electronics recycling/recovery center.

If your town doesn’t have such a facility, you should fight for it!


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And just yesterday an article made the front page saying it was due to a specific yam variety that cause double ovulation to be so high.

Gotta slip the nazis in there somehow, though!