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You buy goods and services and you get mail so yeah you indirectly use the roads. BTW most road maintenance is paid via gasoline taxes. Having good schools assures you can get a good buck if you sell your house so you get some of that back. In addition property taxes are deductible so again you get some of that back. Not saying it's perfect but I understand it.


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It irks me as well but I try to think of it from another perspective. The beaches are guarded and cleaned daily during the summer season. I kinda like that. The other thing is, why should taxpayers who never get to the beach have to pay (via taxes) for a beach they don't use? It kind of makes sense to only charge the actual users of the beach. Feel free to disagree.


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YOLO. Let them try and see what happens. If worse comes to worse they can move back to the mid west. Personally I think that would be real difficult after they experience genuine pizza, bagels and Taylor Ham but that's my opinion.


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That sucks. I hope someone returns the favor to him someday. I drive a pick-up. Yeah it's big. I fit in most parking places but it can get tight. As I was going into the store I saw this lady shaking her head as she squeezed into her car. I mean it wasn't terrible and I stayed within the lines like they taught in kindergarten. Come back out of the store and there's a nice deep scratch on my passenger door. Fucking asshole. Usually I try and park far away from everyone but not this time and paid the price.


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Beautiful area and nice place to live. It's considered part of the snow belt by many. I lived there for 5 years and commuted into the city. Would not recommend that to anyone.


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I have a friend who could give 2 shits about whales and has never recycled a single thing. She attended a save the whales gathering this past week. She's a hardcore republican so after I gave it some thought it makes sense now. These people are psychos. Even Greenpeace doesn't think it's correlated.