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Trains are an interesting example of early technology and investment hype. I did not realize this until I read a history of financial bubbles. People used to be really excited about trains so they built way more rail lines than could be justified. There was some serious over-investment. It was comparable to Silicon Valley mania today.


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I never hike in winter. You have to wear orange to avoid being shot by hunters. The forests of bare trees is just depressing.

If you are in the State College area, you might want to visit Bellefonte which has some interesting Victorian architecture (unless you visited that city as a child). State College has changed a lot over the years. It now has many more apartment blocks and condos. I think there is still some major construction projects going on. The Arboretum would be new to you, but it might be closed for the winter. This year I drove out to the Bellefonte area often, but mostly to go shopping at the Barnes & Noble book store which is near the Nittany Mall. The Nittany Mall is pretty dead now.