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Good point. Last month I went to Guatemala City to a super modern dentist’s office with better equipment and facilities than I’ve seen here. He spoke perfect English and was educated at a well known US dental school. I had extensive work done under sedation (a licensed anesthesiologist works from the office) for hundreds vs the thousands I would pay here in DC. My wife has had a root canal and crowns done by him. I will go back for my regular appointments there and will have typical / regular dental work and check ups there.


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BOWA, Bolt Builders, and many others. Feel free to message me directly. I’m in the trades and would be glad to talk. I’d reach out to the owner of Bolt, Justin. He’s a dynamic guy. I have lots of trade contacts. There’s a contractor in NOVA looking for master carpenter level full time with gov contract work on historic homes I can pass on as well. Must be a US citizen. I enjoy networking in my industry and have been in my field for nearly 20 years.


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I'm sitting in Dulles airport having ridden from Benning Road Saturday night to catch an international red-eye. I guess it took us an hour and fifteen? It was right on time, regardless. Sure beats driving, paying for gas and parking, sitting in DC traffic, or even the Uber prices. Less time in the cold as well waiting for the parking lot bus. Seems like everyone brought and ate a meal-to-go from the Shrimp Boat and was chowing down when I left though. That being said this Silver Line is a game-changer for me as I travel internationally out of Dulles about once a month.


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I'm a big fan of Wasai in Gallery Place. It's not too far away. It's "real" Chinese with hand-pulled noodles. I enjoy the beef tendon soup with the thick, hand-pulled noodles, and they have both spicy and non spicy broth options. It's basically a quick-noodle shop, and reasonably priced for DC. They also have plenty of non-meaty options.

On the flipside of things, any decent pupuseria in the DC area will have Salvadoran pupusas, and they're a real treat in the area with the central American diaspora overrepresented in the DC metro area.


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It depends if what you mean by “detail.” Not even in the burbs do they charge that little for a full automotive detailing; auto wholesalers and retailers often pay more than that per car in the region. Shop around though and let us know what you uncover.


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This is exactly what I was thinking. I spent time in inpatient psychiatric units involuntary committed a handful of times when I was younger because I had a rather debilitating phase of bipolar disorder that lasted, on and off, about 10 years. I later saw faces of people living on the streets who I was in treatment with - they'd be homeless, outside the liquor store, in emergency rooms, down by the river in a tent...

The treatment is there, the community services boards are on the other side of inpatient treatment to support people once they get treatment and return to the community - the resources are all available, and shelters are available for those who are not drinking or using drugs. In fact the local community service board is what got me on the path to recovery - while many people I was in the hospital with went back to their substance use, rough living, etc.

This isn't the early 20th century and we can't involuntarily commit these people to psychiatric or substance-abuse-recovery facilities. It's a tough balance. And some of these people (and think of Portland, San Francisco) actually want to live free, do whatever the hell they want to do when they want to. I've lived through it. The resources are there, putting their hands out to the most vulnerable to lift them up - but quite frankly some of the folks are so far gone and are hell bent on living their lifestyle (that seems rough and sucky to us) you can't turn them around.

It's a conundrum for sure.