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That’s a strawman argument, few would acknowledge it isn’t a problem. Progressives take issue with a restriction in immigration being the only solution. Building more housing would be a good start.

Meanwhile those on the right will simultaneously complain about immigration and inflation without realizing that a drop in immigration is one of the leading causes for rising prices right now.


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The original streetsblog post is not clear about what the plans are:


One council member says:

>The plan is not to make permanent the current outdoor dining sheds you see on our streets or continue with this patchwork quilt of random structures – some that are impressive and creative extensions of their brick-and-mortar motherships and some that have come to more closely resemble abandoned shipwrecks from the First World War – but to create a better program with new rules, new standards, clear design guidelines and operating requirements, moving away from the year-round structures that often sit empty during the winter months

That's entirely reasonable, we need these things to be regulated.


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It's a step for sure. How big of a step remains to be seen.

I can't help but think that a lot of measures like this and the bounty program for cars parked in bike lanes are a band aid on the much larger issue of the NYPD having contempt for the population they are supposed to serve. The cynic in me thinks that they will just flat out ignore this rule and if our elected officials do figure out a way to bring them to heel then cops will figure out another way to lash out.