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In addition to the peace order I'm assuming you'll want to break this lease with no penalties to you. You should strictly follow your attorney's advice. If you're unclear on any of it ask for clarification. The same is true for the documentation - tell him what you have and ask which documentation will be useful for both the order and to break this lease and move to someplace where the people are sane.


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Yeah, everyone knows people ffs. Except that building wasn't the same as other mansions converted to apartments. The architecture of that building's exterior was fairly unique for B'more and the stonework was still impressive. The interior still had a lot of original details despite the efforts of cheap landlords to screw it up over the years.


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It's like there's a script to follow I'd you want to tear down something in MV: "We'd love to save this old beautiful building that has been entrusted to us, but sadly it's not structurally sound and can't be restored." Worked for the Basilica to tear down the Rochambeau building, worked for the developers of the old Grand Central buildings when they "accidentally" damaged the foundation of the beautiful Italianate mansion behind Grand Central after they were initially denied a permit to tear it down, and it will almost certainly work for these buildings owned and neglected by the Greek Orthodox church that owns them. SMH


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You can't let an employee at a gym make you feel useless. Yes the situation would leave me frustrated and very annoyed and probably make me cancel my membership - but I'll be damned if it would make me feel horrible and useless. Know your worth and don't let others lessen it.

Having said that, I'll ever so slightly give the employee a little slack here, as I've had my locker broken into and wallet stolen at this gym when the front desk let some guys talk their way into the gym at night and those guys proceeded to steal from legitimate members. So yeah, they need to be sure about who gets in.


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I will respectfully beg to differ. Lying on mortgage apps, cheating on taxes, setting up "legal defense fund" accounts and requesting donations from the public, leveraging her position to obtain paid speaking engagements...are designed to put money in her pocket.