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The RMV turned a friend of mine away because he had less than 12 months left, but now that I'm looking into it I'm starting to think you'll get a license till June. The 12 months should be measured from the start of your stay, not from when you apply for a license. Take a printout of this with you:

> the applicant must provide acceptable documentation demonstrating that his or her current authorized stay in the United States is for a period of at least 12 months. The period of at least 12 months shall be measured from the beginning of the applicant's current authorized stay, or from the beginning of the applicant's prior authorized stay if it immediately precedes the current authorized stay without interruption, whichever is earlier.


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To get a license you need to have valid immigration status for 12 more months and a visa stamp that's valid for 12 more months. So you need to wait for your extension to be granted and get a new visa stamp (this still has to be done abroad) before you are eligible. You can also wait until July 1st. I'm sorry for the bad news :(


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There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the edges. Nothing an hour of Youtube doesn't teach. And don't skimp on paint or tools. Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams unless you like to apply a few extra coats.


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It's not exactly a secret, it's even on the official MBTA map.

> Maps never recommends using the concourse or anything like that

Probably because it almost never makes sense to switch from the orange line to the green line if you're not coming from the north (and then you'd switch at North Station or Haymarket).

When it's busy, it's faster to take the concourse to get from the Red Line to the Orange Line, but you need to be in the right carriage and know exactly where you're going.


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Did your landlord offer alternative housing that month, like did she put you in a different unit or a hotel? What does the lease say about fire? By which date did the landlord break the lease?


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> Beth Israel have every single day and time slot (90 days worth) booked for all their Neurologists until March? Yeah okay seems legitimate.

They don't, they have plenty of open slots even this week but they will fill up with more urgent cases. When your referral comes in they will make an assessment and schedule you accordingly. When I had a PPO plan, I tried to see a specialist for something urgent but was quoted 3 months. It was something urgent care couldn't deal with but it wasn't life threatening so ER wasn't appropriate either. I got a referral and was seen the next week.

PCPs also have plenty of availability. I can get an appointment with my PCP a week from now for non urgent care. New patient appointments are artificially delayed because onboarding a new patient takes longer than seeing a regular patient and to keep waiting times acceptable for current patients.


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That's the MBTA. You cannot use a CharlieCard (which is the official name of the plastic card) on most commuter rail lines because they don't have CharlieCard readers. The only exception is the Fairmount Line which runs a pilot in Zone 1A where a machine on the platform can print a proof-of-payment based on your CharlieCard.


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It takes a Braintree train about 110 minutes to do a full loop. An Ashmont train could do it in 95 but to stay intermixed they also take 110 minutes. 17 red line trains show up on the tracker right now. That means that at best there is one train every 6.5 minutes.

The reason it often takes longer is because the trains are not spaced out evenly. All the MBTA has to do is keep trains 6.5 minutes apart which requires more synchronization between trains than just running each individual train as fast as possible only held back by the train in front. It's implemented in other major cities with a functioning metro system.