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If you are a Poe enthusiast, here is a random fact:

In the movie Monkey Bone with Brendan Frasier, Edgar Allen Poe is played by Poe's great grandson Edgar Allen Poe IV.

Edit: not son but related to him by way of cousins.


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As someone who works in the post office, all packages are pretty much personalized.

It's 80% garbage with no resell value and really no value to anyone other than the person who ordered it.

Very rarely will you find anything of value in a package. It's just not worth your time. Leave packages alone.


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My step dad told us that he fought in the Vietnam War.

He was stationed on a aircraft carrier that was docked a hundred miles from shore.

Does that count as really "fighting" in the Vietnam war?

How many of these "survivors" are actually people who left the country between 1939 and 1941 before anything horrible started happening?

What counts as a survivor?

I imagine if we counted everyone including babies then these numbers seem more appropriate. I just fill ill to lump in everyone. Someone who left the country in 1939 to flee to the US and anyone born 1943-1944 shouldn't really be lumped in with someone who was a prisoner of war and thus a survivor.


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I can't wrap my head around that number.

There are 15 thousand people between the ages of 85-105 that are holocaust survivors??

Seems far fetched.

EDIT: https://www.health.ny.gov/statistics/vital_statistics/2010/table01.htm

There are 141K people in New York city that are 85 plus years old. So more than 10 percent of those people are holocaust survivors.

It's sounding more and more farfetched to me.


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Did you not see the pause indicated by the dots (...).

Which do you think soon after applies to?

If you still need help it's obviously the executed part.

If it will help make sense to you and everyone else, make both words the same. Either use arrested or caught in both cases.


He was areested ... and executed soon after his arrest.

Make more sense for you?


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Not my current corporate email.

Although I have been with several companies that do in fact use business Gmail.

So the company name and url is still in the email such as, Dave@boxcompany.com, but we use gmail as the platform to send/retrieve those emails. Kind of like how most companies use Outlook, we just used Gmail in most of the places I have worked.