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Considering I sent in a check to get my license renewed ($80), they deposited the check and never sent a new license, I forgot about it and my license expired spurring me to need to update it emergently. Call DMV and get the run around. If the check was deposited it should come. Doesn’t matter that it’s been over 2mo. Will come “before the old one expires” false. Finally just NEEDED my license so spent another $80 online and got it 4 days later. Still fighting with them for an $80 refund. Had to get my bank involved.

Anyway, Im not paying more when they can’t even do the right thing when I do pay.


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Give the hospital main switchboard (802-847-0000) a call and ask for patient advocacy. They’ve helped me get someone with human emotions and common sense on the phone from billing. You’re dealing with a peon upholding the letter of their procedure right now. You likely need a higher up to facilitate resubmitting to Medicaid/fighting that battle.


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I'm sorry for your loss and what you are going through.

This is not unique to UVMMC. This is a nationwide issue that shouldn't be an issue in the first place and wouldn't be with a single payer system. Also this particular scenario has a lot of legal nuance that cannot really be portrayed well here.

So again I feel for you and what you're going through, but I don't agree with placing the blame for this issue on the UVMMC billing department. They are telling you what they can/have to do from their one tiny piece of this absurdly complex puzzle.

You need an estate lawyer. End of story.


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Yeah you and the other guy commenting this same thing are the ones who didn’t get invited. I don’t see why else you’d make that connection and be so eager to share it.

Back in my day we’d get blackout in a neighbors hay barn while he had no idea we were in there. But no one drove and help was a scream away and our parents had no idea what we were doing, but I could also absolutely call for a ride if need be. From what I’ve heard about this situation and about a lot of these high school parties nowadays is that they are quite brazen, often sponsored by parents who don’t give a fuck, and result in a lot of kids drunk driving. I’m all for kids doing their thing and being kids - until they hop in the car or just start to get to take it too far in general. And definitely against parents who think they’re above the law when it comes to something like this.

Like many other parents in this thread - I think a healthy dose of both fear and careful rebellion is good for kids. And I see those two things not being reinforced in this day and age.


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I see you’ve heard of my friend Flint

The two bad ones are interchangeable depending on badness. I know someone who lived next to a junkyard and had to emergently switch from well to town water because chemicals from the junkyard were leeching into his well. Funny enough two members of his household eventually got cancer too. Similarly, one of the only cases of tularemia in VT in recent history was from a muskrat dying in someone’s well.


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Depends on the well. My well water on a mountain in Franklin county is the most delicious and clean water I’ve ever experienced. It’s slightly high in iron and manganese but otherwise none of the other nasty things people experience with their well water.

I lived in Addison/Chittenden county previously with well water that was disgusting without extensive treatment and I would have taken town water any day.

Good well water > town water > bad well water


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Because a lot of the details are being hidden. This woman full well knew what was going on at her house and there were over a hundred kids there.

Source: friends kid was there and asked for a ride, when friend picked kid up there were so many cars and drunk kids in the road he couldn’t even get near the house. Two drunk kids had their cars in the ditch and were trying to get pulled out without calling tow trucks. And rumor has it mama Chea knew exactly what was going down at her home. This is news because this woman’s child and their friends should be held equally accountable as every other underage drinker. I’ve seen far too many privileged kids get huge things like this ignored.