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>But my registration for the two years will be fine though? Like my plates wouldn’t show up as failing emissions and I would get pulled over for not passing?

Yeah, reg. will be fine. I also posted a link you can read. I forget how much it was, but there used to be a maximum amount you could spend on repair, and they'd give you a waiver if you still failed..


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What whine... mentioned our tax ranking, and combined with the leftist government we have, decided to react. Pretty excited actually, found a few places bordering state/national parks.


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It's called living within your means, saving steadily and ensuring ROI on purchases. My son learned as well, smart enough to get "free college" through academic achievement as opposed to whining. That saved a lot. He ended up quitting, joined the USMC, got free college again, first job out paid 6 figures. Bought a house at 26. Had a plan that didn't include being a little bitch. You should try it, or spend your time bitching about everything like most of this group does. Your choice, don't care. Rent a motorhome? Looked into that ROI and inconvenience lead to purchasing instead.


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Headed out in the motorhome in a few weeks to go buy another house in a free state, cash ...so, uh...what was that question again?Where are we on the list of most heavily taxed states? You're really that stupid?You idiots crack me up. So thin skinned "ew, don't criticize CT" while generally bitching about everything.I recall 9/11, how the state had a large surplus right before, then suddenly was deep in debt the day after...figures don't lie, but liars figure.
"We" have more money in the coffers...now, that's rich lol.


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I've used mint for 3 years and like it, just north of you. Good coverage almost everywhere I go, iirc, they're 5g up to Chippens Hill. Hotspot usage of your phone is included. I use T-Mobile for my home internet, and the nice thing about using 4-5 G instead of cable is I bring my modem in my motorhome and get wi-fi without using cell phone data.


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American Legion SF, Austin Hawes campground near Pleasant Valley on River Rd. is real nice. Think you'd have to ride from the rail trail onto 44 past Satan's Kingdom, but the bike lane is pretty wide, then turning off toward the river in New Hartford is beautiful. You might be able to cross the river further south and head upriver on the East side, not sure as I don't mind 44 at all in that area.


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I was approved....then I wasn't....and still have the letters in my vehicles explaining why I'd be out on the roads while the public was supposed to be isolated at home. $91, eh. Shows how good our leaders are with numbers lol.