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>"Oh, I didn't mean to. Are you a pedophile? I'm sorry," Quattrocchi, a Scituate Republican, asked Kislak, a Providence Democrat.

The article doesn't convey the timing of that quote as well. There was a long pause between "Are you a pedophile?" and "I'm sorry." Long enough to put a pretty significant emphasis on the accusation. Enough to get a rise out of the entire room.

Regardless, I got a feeling that even if I did have a clip of the moment for you, you would still find a way to misconstrue the obvious reality of the situation.


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Just because you don’t believe that it happened doesn’t mean that there isn’t literally an entire room of people who witnessed it happen in real time.

I posted here because it was an outrageous and unprofessional abuse of power from an elected official, and felt that as many people need to know about it as possible.


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Here’s what happened to the best that I can recall:

Rep Kislak presented a bill that would attach a social impact statement for all new legislation that would outline how new bills would either directly or indirectly affect communities of color, LGBTQ, gender identities and other underrepresented groups throughout the state, as though it’s an environmental impact or a financial impact statement.

Quattrocchi went on to ask that, if because it includes all gender identities, that also includes sex offenders, satanists and pedophiles.

Kislak rightly took offense to that, and vocalized her objection to his inquiry, because why the fuck would that be a reasonable response to anything, even from a republican. She responded “Thankfully pedophiles aren’t a gender identity.” Quattrocchi responds to Kislak’s objection with the accusation “What, are you a pedophile?”

Those aren’t exact quotes, but they’re as close to what I can remember now as I can get.


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Sorry, I won’t have the clip ready to go until the entire hearing is archived.

But I’ll be sure to have the screencast app ready to go next time just in case another GOP rep decides out of the blue to accuse another rep who’s presenting a bill of being a pedophile. Until then though there’s an entire room filled with witnesses to the embarrassment that is the RI GOP.


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Just wait until you find out how many people have actually died as a direct result of that flag and what it represents. Many of whom were targeted for the mortal sin of being born with the wrong skin color.

No one should have to be hurt over flying a flag, but fly a confederate flag that high and that proudly in any other context other than OP's fathers and you're sending one hell of a message to your neighbors about many, many atrocious ideals.


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Good on you for speaking up, and good on your father for receiving the explanation in good faith and acting accordingly and with respect for those it harms. The world could do with many, many more people like your father!

edit: Alright jesus fuck you guys message received lmao. Sorry for having an ounce of faith in yet another story of a boomer not knowing any better before this thread turned cynical.


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Even small town John Laws out there are associated with a larger system that is spectacularly underregulated, overfunded and wildly undertrained and leads to the death of ~1,200 people per year.

That's a growing average of 1,200 people every single year killed by cops who decided to take the US justice system into their own hands in order to be judge, jury and executioner. If you aren't actively speaking up against this clear and present danger to communities across the US, it doesn't matter how much of a good cop you think you are - you're part of the problem and are indeed quite the bastard.


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The lane merge leading into West Shore Rd off of Hoxie has to be the closest I'll ever get to an IRL thunder dome.

I've almost been ran off the road and forced into the breakdown lane for at least a couple hundred feet a few times in the past because yet another jackass F150 refuses to let me merge in front of them, even after following all protocol for a zipper merge. I'm never not shocked at the sheer, aggressive stupidity that that intersection brings out in people.


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Lmao did you really come back to this thread three separate times over the course of nearly an hour to spew your mind-numbing defense of nazis? Honestly, did you not have anything better to do with your night than to hover here just so you can see how many people you could piss off?


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If you can manage it, I highly suggest commuting to TF Green first and taking the T from there if you're close enough. I commuted from TF to Back Bay constantly at my old job and it honestly wasn't bad at all. Especially if you can entertain yourself like I managed to with audiobooks or my kindle. It's a guaranteed seat from there in the AM, too. Took a 7:30(?) train which got me in by 8:45 iirc.

The majority of other folks in my office were beheld to commuter rail schedules as well, you should be able to safely assume your office will be too if it's in/near Back Bay. At my office it was pretty much assumed across the board that everyone was going to arrive at some point between 8:30 and 9:00 and I was never questioned about it.

Back Bay outbound during rush hour though is as much of a madhouse as the rest of the inner-city stations, so just be prepared to have to fight your way through to the doors as soon as that train stops at the station if you want a seat. If you can't manage to find a seat, you're standing in the isle for at least the next 30-45 minutes until you reach Mansfield which always was a bummer.


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It's the low res jpeg that does it for me lol. Reminds me of the kind of messages my fiance's grandfather would email me. Wholesome, well-meaning chaos.