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This is how I stay sane. Fighting someone's crazy doesn't work half the time. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. Sometimes you gotta just let someone get away with harmless crazy. But, if you're lucky, you can do more than that. You can join in. Lean in to their crazy, amplify it, back them into a crazy corner of their own creation. Best case scenario they actually have to feel the effects of their lunacy, and it causes them to reflect and repent. Worst case scenario you have a little fun.


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>Human chromosome 2 has a vestigial (unused due to no longer being needed) extra centromere and 2 vestigial telomeres found inside the chromosome sequence.

Goddammit that's cool.

I can't be sure of it quite yet, but I have a feeling sequencing the entire genome is the single greatest human breakthrough in my lifetime. I was in middle school when my science teacher told us it had been done for the first time. When I was in college I toured a sequencing facility where it was being done for outrageous cost per sequence on machines bigger than my house. Last year I got my own DNA fully sequenced, every single base pair, for about two day's wage.

Reading your own ancient programming code letter by letter is a weird, almost disassociating experience.


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The sex chromosomes are unique though. The X chromosome is the only chromosome that is almost fully functional whether there's 1 or more copies. The Y chromosome is not necessary for life, though it does serve a function besides "make boy", as missing it or duplicating it is not a side effect free situation as in XO and XYY like you pointed out.


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When you reproduce, your chromosomes are split in half. One gamete will end up with 22 and one with 23. This will only create a viable gamete if the one with 22 includes the extra long boy but more importantly, that the set with 23 doesn't include the extra long boy. Duplicate genes aren't any better. Most trisomy conditions are incompatible with life.


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Haha this is so great. I wonder if his fellow heroes are insured. Although I'm not sure putting organics back together would be a clean process. This could go pretty deep where side effects start appearing and he realizes the way his power work is kind of dark and he's actually rewinding time on a micro level or something. Or that he's been tricking the cosmic capitalist force that granted him this power by saying stuff is insured but actually isn't and he has to start a campaign to insure the entire world as a technicality.


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Find an attractive young gal who's been backpacking for a year, that would be a better representation. Smooth, hydrated skin, and cosmetic grooming seem a step too far. I mean unless the photo is if we extracted DNA from the skull and cloned this person, this is what she'd look like now in which case, yeah ok, let's make her!