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hydrogen contains a lot of energy per kg but its density is extremely low, so you need a huuuge and heavy high pressure container to hold it. That mostly negates all its advantages, at least for the aeronautics industry and the contemporary space industry.

It would be a different story for spaceflight if one had the capability to fuel up a hydrogen rocket in orbit. In that case one could (mostly) take full advantage of all the benefits of hydrogen over other propellants.


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Even if the number has gone down to 50% today that doesnt make it any better. Even 10% would be crazy. Hundreds of thousands of people among us and we dont have the slightest idea who they are.


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> the statistic of 80% is a vast exaggeration it’s close to 50% (I’m sure you’re just ignorant though and wouldn’t need to

80% was an official figure by the Bundesgrenzschutz at the time. Maybe you should inform yourself before spreading your bullshit. It is you who are ignorant, not I.


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About 80% of the "refugees" flooding across the German border in 2015/2016 and ever since claim they "have lost their papers, documents and ID" but strangely none of them have lost their cellphone. Anybody with an IQ above room temperature can see how we are being played for weak, gullible fools.


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I read about this cell a couple of days ago and I got super excited because the article mentioned that the battery could deliver that power at 25C (25 times the capacity of the cell, or 100 Amperes for a 4Ah cell) but I have just read the press release of the manufaturer and it says the cell can deliver that energy at 25°C - degrees Celsius... thats a big difference.