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Tornado, at least 2 through Little Rock, Arkansas. There's a large severe weather outbreak occurring in the plains of the US. More are expected throughout the central US, but Little Rock is pretty populated, so hospitals are bracing for a mass casualty event (which refers to injuries, not deceased)


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I think it's funny you think someone wouldn't try to throw that in there. There's also a fun caveat that it's a crime that's hard to prove, so you can have it happen and still run afoul of a nondisclosure

A number of nondisclosure end up unenforceable, but the threat of legal action is enough to keep people from violating it


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Moderna is also a relatively small company that likely didn't have the means to ensure quality was met by their company standards. They even had a hard time getting going in the US, despite being US based. The covid vaccine is their first product to market

That's why they're so bullish on patents- this is the first time they've brought in actual profits after over a decade of investing into this technology