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I steam veggies, puree them, and put them in ice cube trays for the baby to eat.

When my first was a baby, I tried throwing in a couple of cubes into the tomato sauce. Carrots were the winner. Makes it a little sweeter, but absolutely not noticeable. Spinach and kale were good too, just looked like more basil and oregano than usual


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My family and I inherited land and I have worked on re-introducing more native species of trees and flowering plants for pollinators around the areas near the house. I have breastfed each of my three children, so this is definitely cool to read this morning as I nurse my third.


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We had a tree fall over and I want my husband to cut me a slice out that's as tall as a cinder block (what I currently use) to use as a meditation stool for my garden. It will stay outside. How can I make it weatherproof? I've polyurethaned some outdoor flower boxes and it wears away and the wood rots. How can I make this solid so I can put in some work, but then never have to touch it again and leave it outside