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Maybe he is referring to shows being moved from network tv into streaming? Although thats is the opposite of a show killer, more like a hail mary. I don't know of any case of the opposite (streaming --> network tv), so I don't think it's that either.


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Disclaimer: I had a stroke reading this, but I'll try my best to answer.

Whats wrong with binging seasons? You are not forced to do so, watch an episode a day or one each week like the last 93 years.

Give me an example of a show killer? First time I've read this term.


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The Midnight Club, on the weak side of Mike Flanagan but quick and watchable.

Dahmer, pretty disturbing, great acting, great fidelity to original footage.

Black Bird, great show, amazing acting, prize worthy, great and satisfying binge.

The Terminal List, good dumb mindless action fun, quick hook, plot wise nothing new doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, quick binge.

Night Sky, sadly a cancelled story that leaves many questions open.