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Teens are easy targets. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that AC is high crime (as are most tourist areas). The difference between AC and somewhere like point pleasant is that AC caters to adults. And with that comes higher risks. It’s not a family friendly destination.

AC also is a low income area which again tends towards being riskier.


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Majority still wants blue laws. The reason why it hasn’t been officially voted on since ‘93 is that they can’t get enough signatures to force a vote on the issue. Do a google search. You’ll find tons of half hearted articles about how another group is trying to gain interest in removing the blue laws. You’ll also notice that they fizzle out pretty quickly.


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Would you like to explain why you’re trying to get signatures on a petition that is 5 years old?

Have you ever worked retail? Bergen county gives you a guaranteed day off, even during the holidays. You can actually make plans with family and friends without worrying if your dickhead boss is going to change your schedule or call you in last minute.

There is no “loss of revenue”. People adapt to the situation.


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I worked at a mall in NJ. We had quite a few “active shooter” situations. The trouble is most people are not entirely sure of what a gun sounds like so that motorcycle backfire or tire pop that then echoes around the mall corridors COULD be a gun so they freak out. Then people see them freaking out and it spirals out of control because everyone would rather be safe than sorry because WHAT IF. The one real situation involved someone who wanted some attention before killing themself so they popped off a few rounds sending the mall into a complete lockdown. The cops finally found the person in a construction area in the mall. Sad situation.


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For some reason, it’s hard to find skateboarding information around here. It’s like a secret club or you’re looking at websites from ten years ago

The underground in nutley might have some more advice on where to go. They were really helpful setting my kid up with gear


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I know ridgewood has some skateboard rec program starting mid April so if it’s not open yet, I’d assume it’s opening soon.

Dahnert lake in Garfield has a roller hockey rink that’s pretty unused

Petruska park in paramus has a roller hockey rink- I’ve seen pickup games on weekend mornings, but other times it’s unused

Old tappan technically has a skate park, but it’s in poor condition

Voorhees in Westwood has a giant blacktop basketball court that might work for just flat area use

And if you feel like paying for a session check out the shred co. They have a facility near willowbrook mall. Lessons and open sessions

Edit to add- Montclair just opened up a new feature at one of their parks. It’s sculptures that were designed to be used as a skatepark


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I’ll play on occasion for entertainment purposes only. Most of that entertainment comes from pipe dreams- especially if it’s like the billion lotto we had a few months ago.

If I buy scratch offs- I check to see how many outstanding prizes are available so I can pick a game that still has winners.