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I occasionally go to the one in Warwick (NY). They run it as a double feature and second run theater. I think they make most of their money off concessions.

It seems like even normal movie theaters are struggling now. There’s one by me that converted one screen to a stage and screen so they can do other things like comedy nights and RHPS


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Let me tell you- I had never had my car detailed and I have a dog and kid. The car was pretty trashed. I had to make a work trip so I decided to get my car cleaned up before. AG Auto Detailing did my car for about $150. I didn’t get like a ceramic coat or my rugs shampooed but the car looked brand new. They provide quotes and scheduling via text +1 (201) 364-7871

Edit: mobile operation. They came to my house. Didn’t even need my hose. They have a system setup in their truck


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That doesn’t track. How many people smoke in their cars and throw the cigarette out the window? Since they’re a smoker in their own vehicle, wouldn’t they know to have a trash bin in their car?