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One of the most mind blowing items I ever ate in my life I ate in Honduras. I always doubt my memory of it at this point because it was 20+ years ago, but it was basically just salsa served on a cucumber boat. I asked about what was in it but they would only just tell me peppers. What kind of peppers? What are they called? Just peppers. Argh!


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Good breakdown. I bought my first house this past summer. I looked at houses in several of the aforementioned “North Side” neighborhoods. I ran into a lot of houses in that middle ground – needs a new roof, signs of recent water in the basement, floors or carpets wrecked by pets, really old furnace or other appliances, etc. – but it’s priced like it’s completely move-in ready. The traditional (non-flipper) sellers see the going rates and can’t understand why they’ve overpriced by 10-20%. I had bids rejected on a couple homes even though they didn’t sell anytime soon after my bid. If I have to spend $20k+ before I can even move in then I’m going to bid accordingly. Eventually got something that fit me really well.


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Pretty sure the list was supposed to be way bigger. Fetterman was really big on the weed pardons as Lt Gov. if the pardon applicants had anything more than a minor possession charge then they couldn’t get approved. https://www.inquirer.com/news/pennsylvania/pennsylvania-marijuana-pardon-program-data-20221207.html. (Edit to remove incorrect info.)


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It’s easy to blame McCaffrey, the developer, but his interest is in getting the business space filled up and generating revenue. I expect nothing more from a real estate mogul. If the city wanted local businesses in there then they should’ve included specific provisions for the types of businesses that they want. The URA failed us on this one.


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I live in Millvale so having the new Chengdu so close to home is a godsend. My gf and I have been there a few times already, including my birthday. I usually steer clear of public reviews, but I’ll throw some love their way because I know that it’s excellent. (Edit: spelling)