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Oh yea, def agree on 1369 Mass Ave. Didn't add Broadsheet cause I haven't been, but glad to see it's a good option.

I've had strange experiences at Barismo that might not be the usual so I'll reserve judgement... but typically I'll opt for Cicada in that area.

In other news, anyone remember Longfellow next to the brewery? I miss that place so much :(


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Maybe we can compile a list of favorite backup sandwich shops and coffee near the closed Darwin's locations.

Darwins Cambridge St.

  • Sandwiches: Harvard Market next door. Bigger portion, better price. To be completely honest, better sandwiches.

  • Coffee: 1369 in Inman for mid-Cambridge. Any suggestions for people closer to Somerville?

Mass Ave.

  • Coffee: Flour for MIT students, Cicada or Andala for residents closer to central. Cicada and Andala are solid food options, too.

  • Sandwiches: the Reuben at Cambridge Deli & Grill is solid. Call for fast pickup. Staff is super friendly and longterm local, love those guys.

Darwin's Auburn (here my ignorance starts to show)

  • Sandwiches: Black Sheep Bagel

  • Coffee: not sure. Harvard is super corporate now and I want to avoid adding Flour twice. But Zinnekens coffee is a delight actually?

Darwin's Putnam

  • Hard because Putnam is very residential.

  • Coffee, maybe Zinnekens or Andala. Although when I lived in Riverside I made the walk to Cicada almost daily.

  • Sandwiches... tough one. Cambridge Deli I loved. Coast Cafe is not strictly sandwiches, but the patties are amazing for lunch.


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Didn't a faction allied with the Union also picket the owner's house?

Edit: lol at the downvote. You get the right to bargain, how you choose to bargain and whether it's done poorly is another discussion.