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Not gonna read this. You lost me at could. This is America and money is involved. There will be no ban. Just look at how many people are defending tik tok and using other companies as excuses. We want our data mined and our content manipulative. And we’re OK with the growing bodily of evidence that social media is harming the psyche of our young. Yay!


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My issue is with Musk and with how EXTREMELY overvalued Tesla is. Once the big auto makers go all in, Tesla is fine. Musk himself spends too much time disrupting the economy. And now he’s sold out and taken his marbles to Texas. It isn’t a good thing. It’s not a successful car company. It’s a successful tech company. I’m ready for a mature ford product. Ford KNOWS how to make a pickup truck. The only thing that has been throttling their investment is that they don’t have Tesla’s inflated market cap. I could go on. We could share a beer and find common ground. I’ve had a solar roof since before it was cool. We need EVs mass produced for everyone. Ford is going too high on the F150 price right now. But, that will correct itself once the big auto makers are convinced fossil fuels don’t rule congress.


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Yeah, I didn’t say wait. But for long term and stability, it should be part of the solution. It’s issues are those of an industry competing with fossil fuels. With governments fully supporting the industry instead of hindering it for the fossil folks under various guises, it needn’t be as cumbersome.


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Good points. 4 things come into play here. 1) we have a solar roof that overproduces, since we’ve made other energy cuts. So I’ve got a little “free electricity” to use. 2) we’re about 60. As described by the 06 vintage of our current vehicles, we run them into the ground. So our time is now, not next Gen. 3) my wife REALLY REALLY doesn’t want a small vehicle. 4) With the kids out of the house we’d like to go to 1 vehicle. We’ve passed the age where the minivan is the perfect vehicle. Since we still enjoy our yard work, the pickup becomes the perfect vehicle. In truth we rarely push the reported 300 mile range. So yeah.. when they were first reported at 40-60k I wanted to take the risk. Last year the model I liked was 70k. So we’re putting it off, for now.