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Actually Indian government wants Companies to promote WFH to cut down on travel and pollution. The cost saved on fixing, upgrade and building more new infrastructure is higher than taxes generated from these offices which will stay in business anyway albeit in a reduce capacity. What is the point of slashing corporate tax rates and then want offices and commercial establishments to pay more taxes. Additionally, Asian and European cities have a lot mixed used neighborhoods which don't decay unlike the American ones after the labor moves out.


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Tesla should instead look at India where the 2nd Largest Lithium ore deposit in world was discovered, If Elon Musk invests in refining and producing Lithium with high safety and with environmental protection in mind, Indian government would lay a red carpet. Ford is already looking for another battery plant and if Musk is any smarter, he knows Canadian liberals hate him and will do everything to stall his projects while he will be welcomed as a African savior who will revolutionize a third world country with green technology.