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Did you watch the Super Bowl? Have you seen the new Indiana Jones trailer?

Hell, have you seen the guy on Facebook who changes all kinds of silly clips so they feature u/GovSchwarzenegger ?

The AI technology for faking someone’s image and voice are getting very good very rapidly and they’re getting very cheap as well.

It isn’t about the need to invent from whole cloth. Get a few look alike actors, and some voice and head deepfake AI and now you’ve got Joe Biden on a hot mic wanting to grab em by something even more vulgar. Hell, forget the actor, I could get an audio clip of Biden asking for Arizona to find eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty TWO votes.

A quarter of the country believes the election was stolen based off lies and zero evidence. Imagine what kind of “evidence” can be produced by bad actors that will be repeated over and over on propaganda networks “just asking questions”.


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As a burned out CPS Investigator, this could be a lot worse than you think.

All CPS organizations are on a state level, so there are 50 different ways of doing things, but as I understand it, my state is pretty common.

Our model is designed to churn through social workers because it’s a prestigious job in Social Work, but it’s a nightmare to actually do. Instead of having support, enough staffing for manageable caseloads, and a quality workforce, it’s a lot easier to just churn through social workers.

The average entire career of a CPS Social Worker in my state is 9 months. I learned this from my state’s #2 position at DCYF. They’re well aware this is the model. I was the most senior member of my unit after 6 months on the job.

95% of our calls are bullshit; usually just a crazy misunderstanding, but often someone with a grudge calls in something stupidly too. The 5% where we have a safety threat takes up 75% of the job.

Allllllllll those unwanted babies could easily break the entire system. The courts are going to get slammed with dependency cases. Social Workers are going to get churned through at an insane rate.

We’ve been neglecting the safety net for a long time. A LOT of babies are going to fall right through.