wiggan1989 OP t1_j2dmxvk wrote

Posted a week back about this tube amp. I was quite impressed with it since it only cost me £50. After doing research however, the general consensus is that this will be an improvement when fully balanced, therefore I bought a XlR to 4.4mm adapters for my headphone cable and and a dual XLR to 4.4mm male lead to connect to my IFi Zen DAC signature.

I agree that it does sound better. I noticed quite a difference at the low end, the bass seems punchier and the and the highs don't sound as piercing. The timbre has changed too, just sounds different.

I am using Jan 5670 tubes that came with it (The stock tubes are boxed away. All in all the total cost was around £80. Not bad indeed. Apparently the tubes need to burn in? Or is that a myth?


wiggan1989 OP t1_iy81ho2 wrote

It's annoying that no reputable retailer stocks the 6XX in the UK. Had to resort getting mine from Ebay, still sealed though. This is the reason this time around I got the Hd600 a sit was £10 more and £100 less than the HD650 and 660