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>My biggest question is how noticeable is the upgrade? Say if I went for the hd8xx or LCD-2C?

Law of diminishing returns hits hard here. Also your whole flow will play a role here. If you got mediocre source material and a cheap amp you might as well not bother


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>Is anything similar available for headphones / speakers which perhaps includes other aspects like soundstage?

No. If there is I haven't seen it.

Personally I find the well established review sites my best source of information (and youtube generally useless)


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> So I'd like to ask you to describe to me in detail what it should feel like


I have several in-ears. There are those that I use with tripple flange silicon tips. I don't feel those much but they are there. The seal isn't complete so the loud breathing isn't a thing.

I've got a pair with foam tips. Those feel like wearing disposable earplugs. Total block of the outside so more breathing. Fairly smooth cable so not that much noise.

I have some bluetooth in-ears with comply tips on them. Primarily for gym usage. Middle ground between the other two. Enough blocking to filter out most of the crap they play in the gym (why I'll never understand, everyone wears headphones anyway) but not quite to get all my breathing amplified.

If I want comfort I put on my over-ear beyerdynamic. There's a reason these are popular in radio studios, they're so comfortable!!


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Microphonics, the noise via the cable, is very common.

If you block your ear canals then chewing will sound, different, that i snormal.

If you want something small and portable but not blocking your canals you can try something like https://www.fiio.com/em5

And some people don't like ANC, that's quite well known.


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My CD player is older than many users in this sub. I can relate.

What are you looking to spend? You want closed, to block out the family or open?

Personally I'm a big fan of beyerdynamic. Love their dt770. Well build, really comfortable and well priced at 130 euros. For a 120 more you get their DT700 which resolves a TON more detail but is slightly less warm sounding. With your listening habits I wouldn't go any further.

Another route is to jump on the bluetooth bandwagon. The current sony and bose offerings do allow the use of a cable as well as bluetooth. They cancel ambient noise but are tuned to a consumer sound, bass heavy with little details in the mids and highs.


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>it sounds perfect, but don't feel the vibration hard enough. prolly a bass balance issue...

No, more likely you having to adjust that not all audio is about feeling bass hard enough


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>because it over-drives the headphone drivers and could damage them. Is this true?

Maybe. If you push all the sliders all the way and you run them on max volume for an extended period.

>I saw a YT video

I sometimes with people would treat YT videos more like entertaiment and less like a source of facts. Because f- me what a load of bollocks some people put in their videos!!