wijnandsj t1_j6ltvnc wrote

PRetty much the one thing the 7506 does badly is comfort. Based on that I'd get a DT770 out.

Tracks? Pointless to recommend anything. MY musical tastes will be quite different from your friend's


wijnandsj t1_iy7zj9r wrote

ok, just fired up spotify.

So strange..

nice guitar, slightly muffled. Really recessed vocals, like the singer is standing just outside the studio. Not much texture in the drums


Good guitar, again. Again slightly muffled. Drums sound really artificial.



Guitar and a drum computer or something

All falls apart.

Same thing, good guitar but slightly muffled, mediocre drum recording.

I don't see it. There's nothign at all special about the mastering here.

Black lab, a group roughly in this genre, has much better mastering IMO


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>Have you seen a major leap forward in areas of headphone market?

Yes. ANC is now mainstream and quite good. The rise of the TWS is also new.

>What would compell you to upgrade today?

Nothing. I just did. Went from a DT770 to a DT700

>Have significant technical limitations been overcome recently that go beyond personal taste?

Apart from ANC and TWS? Planars have shrunken and become affodrable. Not that long ago they cost as much as a used car and required a dedicated amp.

>And how about personal taste? Was any particular pair a leap forward for your personal tastes?

Well, yes. Which is why I bought it. The Dt700