wildskater96 t1_itn8rm0 wrote

Absolutely! These are likely the same people that cheered on DeSantis and flying "illegals" to Martha's Vineyard just being cruel human beings they are.

We are supposed to be better than what happened to Floyd. We are supposed to have higher standards than the "criminals". And we're not supposed to stand for being cruel to others even if they are abominations of life. Looking at you GOP. They are much more criminal than Floyd ever was if you ask me.


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Hey that's a fair assessment. I didn't mean to sound like you weren't in tune with the situation. I probably got the opposite memories as you due to a couple things.

  1. I was essential through COVID so I continued to work around people, and of course got to hear people's views about COVID and then Floyd since it happened right about the time COVID shutdowns started to happen here

  2. I work in construction and most people I've dealt with over the past 4-5 years praise Trump to the point I want to vomit


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I live about 20 minutes from where Floyd was murdered. There were definitely people defending Chauvin and saying Floyd deserved to die. The area he was killed is known to be "ghetto" so the "well he's a criminal who cares if he dies while breaking the law" crowd were very vocal around here. Almost as much as I heard outrage over Floyd being killed.