will477 t1_iv81o9z wrote

I was in Japan in 1996. Family Mart rocks. You can buy a whole meal and just heat it up in your hotel room. Good food too.

The 7/11 was kind of weird. At the location in the store where, in the US, they sell pizza, taquitos and such you will find deep fryers and other kitchen equipment and they make fried octopus and other stuff.

I have never been to the third one. Nor do I remember seeing one of those stores. I was in Toakai, working at JAERI. I only spent about a month there.

Man they had some awesome stores. There was a model shop I would go to on my way home from work. I would buy tons of Gundam and ship them home. I was not really a Gundam fan at the time, but my friends were. They cost about 10 percent in Japan of what they did in the US at the time.

The shop had some other awesome sci fi models which I did buy for myself. They also had some large Japanese castle models. I loved that place. And the arcade that in town. During the week it was mostly deserted so you could pretty much play anything.

That was an awesome trip. If you ever go, make sure to take a shopping trip at a train station. They pretty much have everything in them.