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All of small-town Indiana is like that. I lived in one of the smaller communities for 10 years and every other week there was some huge meth bust going on. A couple of houses caught fire down the street and we were told it was meth-related. Hell one of the girls I went to school with, a pretty and intelligent career-minded cheerleader back in the day, ended up getting arrested for cooking meth in her house with her kids at home, fucking idiot.


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I found a salamander in Walmart while shopping once. I picked it up and carried it around with me for a bit until I could get out of the store, walk over to the retention pond, and let him go near the water. The poor thing was drying out, I have no idea how long he'd been in the store.

Weird shit happens in Walmart.


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It's only going to be for 60+ like the shingles vaccine. I get RSV every time it makes the rounds despite being in my 40s! The kid gets sick, I get sick - meanwhile, my husband may get a slight sniffle. I wish they'd let me get the vaccine though, It's a long and miserable two weeks every year or so.