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He was a strong advocate for barring homeless people from sleeping on public land. It’s just more of that out of sight-out of mind ideology the GOP pushes. I’m running for his seat in 2024 and will be on the house floor everyday fighting for affordable housing nationwide


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I’ve noticed that younger children are becoming smarter each year. Universal preschool would give them the chance to grow more intelligent at a younger age and, in my opinion, improve their transition to full day schooling that comes during Kindergarten and onward.

I’ve always wondered why public colleges cost tens of thousands to attend. Why does it cost so much to obtain a degree that is so crucial and beneficial to our economy and society? I would love universal college education but that’s a hard drive with conservatives. I would definitely start with free community college and trade schools. We need more electricians, welders, mechanics, and stem workers. Those are all departments that students would be able to obtain a degree in from a community college or tech school.


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Teaching kids there is prejudice and privilege is not shaming them. They have not participated in or created the system. Teaching them about it, in my opinion, could lead to them learning from it and choosing to abandon it. They could, instead, create a system of equality and justice.


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There’s not a candidate out there who will agree with every single view of each constituent. I tried to explain many times that I am not fully educated in CRT. My main knowledge is it would educate children and young adults that your life in society is currently dictated by prejudice systems that will base everything off your skin color. That’s a fact that has been proven.


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Hatred and violence towards anyone for any reason is intolerable. People have the right to be who they feel they are and the government should have no say in two consenting adults relationship. I’m a big labor rights activist. I actually have a small group on Facebook that we just got running called “Workers of The Ozarks”. I’m pro Union and living wages that continuously increased as cost of living increases. I do not plan on spending my time in Washington. I’ll be there when it’s required of me but when I’m not needed, I will be right here in the ozarks, being involved in my communities and talking to everyone


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I believe in consecutive term limits. I don’t believe in stopping people from coming back to the office after someone else is given the seat. There’s been quite a few politicians who accomplished a lot after a break. I don’t believe in PAC funding. I think it’s a way to buy votes on legislation. As for the housing crisis, I would love to find a way to limit banks without obstructing the free market. Affordable housing is super important to me and Congress seems to completely ignore it.


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Well I’m not going to say I’m Jill Biden’s husband or talk about how the military defended our airports during the Revolutionary War. I prefer to take a moment and think before answering questions, especially when I’m speaking for the large group of constituents I would represent if elected.


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Two judges in Ohio made getting a vaccine a condition of probation. A federal judge said prisoners refusal to get a vaccine was “practically a disqualifier” in compassionate-release cases. Numerous lawyers who spend their lives reading the law have stated that local, state, and federal governments hold the right to fine and or jail people for refusing vaccine mandates. It’s an overreach of power to tell someone what to do with their bodies. If that forces you not to vote me, that is your right. Have a wonderful day.