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To be fair you could say that about any lithium ion battery product. The bigger the battery the bigger the risk.

Even going with major brands won't guarantee anything, pretty much every company that has made a significant amount of bespoke lithium ion battery products has had a recall or two for overheating problems.

Also gasoline isn't much better. Dense energy storage is just naturally volatile, almost like it has lot of stored energy.


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Absolutely. If someone doesn't change something I see an imminent death spiral. People won't watch new shows out of fear of a cancelation with a cliffhanger, causing Netflix to cancel pretty much every show after their first season. Eventually leading to people leaving Netflix as long as the other streaming services do a better job at telling complete stories.

One possible change would be if Netflix shows were self contained stories each season, no cliffhangers or dangling threads. So that way when they get canceled it will still suck but won't make the shows complete wastes of time


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Nukes aren't fully automated, it's still orders through a chain of command and I bet most of that chain isn't willing to end the world for Putin's fragile ego. And even that assumes the nukes and launch vehicles work. Equipment that is expensive to maintain and never expected to be used are a prime target for a kleptocracy


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I doubt this will cause the cobra problem. First off there are already a lot of people raising hogs, they are called pig farmers so it's not like it will cause an industry to appear that wouldn't/shouldn't exist otherwise. Second while I am not a pig farming expert I doubt a full hog is worth less than $75 so at worst this may get exploited by existing pig farmers as just a little extra profit per pig but it's not like sketchy farming subsidies are new either.


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It makes a good off beat story. No national news should be making it front page (unless maybe if it was a news agency focused on LGBTQ+ politics) but it makes for a fun paragraph to fill a gap in a page halfway through a paper, mainly just so some cub reporter has an excuse to come up with some good James Bond (007) jokes


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Capital wise probably not that efficient. Energy wise it's the same as resistive heat, all electrics are 100% efficient when it comes to heating. However if you were actually looking for energy efficiency a heat pump is the better solution because they actually get beyond 100% efficiency due to how they can take heat from outside and put it inside (even when outside is colder than inside).

Also if you aren't on a green grid direct combustion is more efficient than resistive heat because of power generation inefficiency, but heat pumps can often still come out ahead


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Physical and digital are not mutually exclusive. Streaming definitely has its risks but CDs and DVDs are digital and physical and can work as long as you have a device that can play them (just like a record) they also have higher quality (from all quantitative measures) and are more robust physically