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Growled the 8 foot monster made out of glowing lava rocks, half surprised and half annoyed. The glow from the monster's body lit the cave dimly, and the man behind him was only visible because of his pure white robe.

"Hear ye, the evil villain.." Mr. Justice started repeating himself. His glass sword pointed a little lower this time and his voice, a little less confident.

"Are you talking to me?" Monster said, confused. Then he turned back to me at the other end of the cave "Is he talking to me?" He asked without missing a beat.

Mr. Justice continued through the monster's questions "... repent your crimes and surrender, or perish, for justice has come for you" all of his energy had faded away by the end of the sentence.

"I think he is talking to me, Magma." I told the monster. "We have a bit of a beef"

"So what, you need attention so much you went and started a fight with some heros' sidekick?" Magma said gesturing his spiky hand at the hero from the town over.

"Hey" whined Mr. Justice


Yelled Magma. A column of fire shot up from his face and hit the cave roof. Mr Justice squeaked. And covered his face with his non sword hand. The change in light reminded me to turn on the cave lights I set up to turn on one by one for dramatic effect. What a waste.

Magma continued "Are you also recording this 'accidental awkward moment' so you can post on YouTube with an all-uppercase clickbait title?" His fingers briefly burst into flames as he did air quotes. Mr. Justice has started to back away from the angry lava monster like a sensible man.

"Look Magma, I set up this trap for YOU to find me. I didn't expect him to follow the clues. I don't know how he did it even, he is dumb as rocks" I looked at Mr. Justice expecting more whining, but he was slowly walking backwards towards the cave entrance and did not care about what I said. May be he is smarter than I thought.

"You cannot trap me inside the earth Lightbringer, I AM the earth." Yelled Magma, now angry as he realized he walked into a trap.

"Oh but I don't want to trap you my friend" I said and hit the button that closed the cave entrance behind the now long fled hero.

"I just want to have an epic fire fight for the fans"

I winked at the camera as I transformed into a concentrated mass of pure light and shot straight at the evil villain.