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Dictators have always played on people's feelings. Moreover, they chose the basest feelings - hatred, vanity, xenophobia and servility. As a Belarusian, I'll tell you - Lukashenka's support in my country is no more than 5-7%. And that was Before the war in Ukraine. Now his support has fallen, along with Putin's support, to 1-3%.

The dictatorship has such mechanisms to suppress the will of the people that only an external force can destroy it. So it was with Hitler, as you remember. So what are we talking about? About choice?

Certainly every dictator or autocrat had one in the beginning. It was their choice that brought them to the point of no return. But not the choice of society.
If it were otherwise, then all rulers would become dictators. But it's not like that


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Putin, Lukashenko and the like had a choice. They did it in favor of personal enrichment and violation of the rights of their citizens. One crime leads to another, even worse. This is how a funnel of evil appears, in which there is no choice. You know the result.

Although, nevertheless, there is a choice. Is it a gun or poison.