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In theory, but in practice, the bar association PROBABLY isn't going to discipline them for being a deadbeat or a tenant from hell unless they either do something that makes the news or piss someone important off. The light most favorable to the landlord here is that they previously had a lawyer tenant who was an absolute nightmare and then did everything in their power to drag out the eviction process and fight a war of attrition.


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I was there when most of the Bates and Bidwell clans were attending. The stories about them alone (let alone all the other people there) require disclaimers regarding their truthfulness, because no one would believe them otherwise. It was a tremendously fucked-up school then and I've been told that it has not changed one bit since I last set foot on the property over a decade ago.


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This shit is hardly new. I went to Monadnock from 2007-2011 and we had tons of issues with things like racist graffiti in the school. Odds are pretty good that the offenders are being protected because they're related to someone in the administration or have relatives who are friends with someone there. "He's a good kid, he wouldn't do this" and he gets a slap on the wrist and is free to continue being a menace. This is not at all an isolated phenomenon in rural NH.


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Like one or two streets over. The guy he was talking about apparently had a huge green LED light out on the balcony to signify that he ran a trap house. When he and his roommate had their little eviction celebration, there was garbage and broken furniture scattered throughout the yard and street.


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Somersworth. Of fucking course. Same town my friend just moved out of where he had to deal with his felon neighbor (on DV charges, no less) dealing meth and fentanyl out of his unit while out on parole, getting arrested for waving a gun around, getting evicted, and throwing furniture out of a third-floor window as a result.