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That may be possible in some countries but for the majority of the world, people have a choice.

There are currently approximately 400 million small businesses in the world. Though it’s difficult to know precisely how many small businesses there are worldwide right now, Global Naps estimates sit around 400 million, with new businesses joining every day.

Just in the US there were a record 10 million job openings.. The U.S. Has More Individually Owned Businesses than Corporations. Today, there are 1.7 million traditional C corporations, compared to 7.4 million partnerships and S corporations, and 23 million sole proprietorships.

People would rather complain than fix themselves.


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Nobody is forced to work for Apple or any company.

If you don’t like the ethics of the business, it is very simple, don’t work for them. Stop buying and using their products.

Choice is a powerful thing.


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Most people call it common sense. Hence the mass exodus of both business and residential from the state of California. Sorry man it is a shithole. We moved 4 years ago and have never been more happy:



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We have a grip. Our entire family (140 of us) go to siesta key Florida instead of San Diego now for vacation every year. We use to rent out the Pacific Terrace hotel. (Amazing people there). Sadly the elected officials have ruined the entire state.

We refuse to support the California socialist agenda where the state only cares about the rich and elites, while shitting on the poors and small business.


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Florida Weapons and Firearms statute, recognizes that all adult citizens of the state retain their constitutional right to keep and bear firearms for hunting and sporting activities and for defense of self, family, home, and business and as collectibles.

Women are not excluded in the constitution.


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Hasn’t crashed yet. Bought my Arizona house 6 years ago and sold it for a $350,000.00 profit after realtor fees last week. California is a shithole run by shitbags, everyone should move out.

We don’t even vacation there anymore because plastic straws are illegal, been going to Florida instead.


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Electricity is generated by utilities. Utilities are regulated by governments. If you don’t have nuclear it is your governments fault, not the utility or the consumers

We don’t have basements in any of our homes.

People have the right to use as much near zero carbon electricity as they wish or can afford.

Telling people to hold their farts to save the environment is about as stupid as telling someone to restrict electricity usage. Nothing in life is free


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Nobody owns electricity. Your area uses fossil fuels, that is a local problem, not a global consumer problem.

Again there are tons of near zero carbon users with nuclear, solar, wind and hydroelectric. Stop telling others how to use electricity and fix your local manmade crisis

If you care about the environment start voting for people who promote Generation III+ nuclear


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The entire world doesn’t use fossil fuels for making electricity, stupid humans do, and only in certain areas run by stupid elected officials.

There is no such thing as wasting electricity. Fix the manmade grid and production crisis your local area is facing. It is your elected officials fault and is not the fault of consumers .

That is propaganda. Stop telling near zero carbon electric customers how to use electricity because your city is run poorly.

The world is full of Karen’s, these Karen’s need to focus on their own electricity manmade crisis before telling other people how to use theirs who aren’t facing an electricity crisis at all.


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I am talking now. There are 98 nuclear reactors in 30 U.S. states. Not a single city or adjacent cities that have kept up their grids have a manmade electricity crisis.

Your house is restricted by local code to only allow a certain amount of electricity. Most (not all) cap you around 400amp to 800amp without a commercial license.

Your town is awesome, with no electricity restrictions, now you guys need to get off coal because you are wasting it and your city is ruining the environment.

We are near zero carbon electricity, we don’t need restrictions as it has never been a consumer issue, your elected officials have failed you for decades.


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I would elect officials that want generation III+ nuclear, solar, wind electricity. Do you know who has unlimited near zero carbon electricity, Everyone near a nuclear power plant….. electricity shouldn’t be free ever, it should be unlimited, safe, and near zero carbon. Many places already have it!

Sorry the people running your city governments/states/countries are corrupt and have brainwashed people thinking that restricting usage is the solution. Don’t vote for those people.