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Not sure why the downvotes—there’s been a pretty significant tube shortage for the past couple of years. There are only a few factories that produce them. One closed recently, and another is in Russia where tubes were on the 2022 export ban list. This has caused musicians and audiophiles to hoard tubes, further exacerbating the supply-chain issue.

For those who don’t know, vacuum tubes have a limited lifespan. You can get 5-10 years out of a tube if you only use it occasionally and at low volumes, but if you use them several times a week at higher volumes, they’ll last maybe 2-3 years.

The possibility of tubes becoming unobtainable or prohibitively expensive is very real.


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Fair point, but if someone was threatening suicide, I'd tell them they should call a hotline, etc. regardless of whether I think they are being genuine.

If they actually are struggling with mental illness, they might need someone else to point out the absurdity of their behavior, because they probably won't recognize it on their own.


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I've blocked u/Impressive-Height-22 and have reported them to the mods. I suggest that other users of this sub do the same instead of engaging them any further.

u/Impressive-Height-22 is displaying signs of borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and histrionic personality disorder. They really should seek a therapist. In fact, they should probably check themselves into the ER, because I get the sense that they are on the verge of a mental breakdown. They will probably say I am bullying them because I've said this, but I am being absolutely earnest about it. They are obviously under an unhealthy amount of psychological duress, and Reddit is terrible for the mental health of some individuals (let's face it: it isn't really any good for anyone), particularly those with BPAD and related psychological disorders.


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Reply to comment by [deleted] in Snow dogs of Vermont by Wired0ne

You sniveled and whined on r/WhitePeopleTwitter when someone posted about dogs over there. You obviously hate dogs. That's fine--but it doesn't mean other people can't post their dogs.

Your little crusade here has nothing to do with dogs being "off topic" (which is not the case, so long as they are posted with a Vermont context). It has nothing to do with "dogspam" or "rage posting" in response to something you said. Nobody here cares about you enough to do that. People are posting about dogs in Vermont because they have dogs in Vermont, and it is a bit of fun.

I hope people post their Christmas trees next. I don't particularly like Christmas trees, but this kind of thing helps some of us counterbalance the depressing posts about housing costs, high taxes, deaths, murders, and other "newsworthy" topics that are often prevalent here.

I've already said it, but I'll say it again: seek help. When everyone else seems like the problem, the problem is probably you.

Edit: Also, in a recent r/AskReddit thread, you commented: " Dogs are basically just too stupid to know any better, they are also too eager to please and super needy, whereas cats are much smarter, more independent, and a much better judge of people and their behavior." Your entire user history is dedicated to hating dogs. You'll appreciate a snowy photo of Vermont, but if a dog is in the frame, you lose your mind.

I don't make it a habit to look at user histories, but you outwardly project so much malice and ill will toward others that I had to see if you were just trolling on r/vermont. Nope, you are actually obsessed with hating dogs more than most of us are obsessed with loving them.


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I live in Burlington, VT near where Fisk lives. There are a few of these spheres around. My favorite is a steam engine that you can go inside of through a little door, and there are levers and cranks inside. My son used to play inside it when he was a toddler. It was a permanent installation at the railway station, before they revamped the station for a new Amtrak line.


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I was able to find their marriage record from wvgenweb.org, but I haven’t really found any other genealogical info (granted, I haven’t looked all that hard—and I don’t subscribe to any genealogical websites).

The previous owner of the house passed away before we bought it. I don’t know her maiden name, but I assume this was her parents’ marriage certificate, and was perhaps brought in when her father came to live with them (presumably after his wife passed away). As I mentioned in another comment, the wall itself was a partition partially built out of moving crates, with John Evans’ name and address stamped on them.

Edit to add: I live in Vermont, not West Virginia.


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I assume that this was the marriage certificate of one of the original homeowners’ parents. A bit of the wall was bodged with wood from old shipping crates, which were stamped with the name “John Evans.”

Before I put the wall back up, I framed this to preserve it and put it back where I found it, hopefully for another century. Why risk being haunted?