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Yes we lived in the area for a while and struggled to find rentals that accepted pets. Not helpful but know it’s tough and if you can I recommend to start saving for a house. Prices in Easthampton are rising so doesn’t have to be there. I hope you find something!


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No one here can really answer that. If the site says it will, then you are at risk that it will be. It’s going to be a process to fix this but monitor your bank to see if the transaction went through, call the RMV (be prepared to wait on the phone) and try to get there first thing in the morning to talk to someone .


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We got pre approved right as we started looking and happened to buy in the timeframe but we prepared to look for months or years. We got realtor and mortgage recs from a friend and they worked great. We used Applied Mortgage and they were very on top of the process and communicated regular plus had the ability to track your application and underwriting on their app. Def get all your records in order first, that makes it easier. Know your mortgage is likely to the sold soon after you close. It’s normal.


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Western Mass is great, just know outside Amtrak getting you to CT, NYC and a little into VT you are driving around here. There’s a bus system that isn’t bad but there’s no transit to central or eastern mass and some of the area was hit hard by the pandemic so it a in recovery mode, but pushing forward. Also the housing stock is far more older homes than new but with that price if you can buy something lower than your budget and fix it up you’ll be good.


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The pandemic did hit hard but it’s really starting to bounce back. If you’re on Facebook follow the Rec department and local businesses just to see all the stuff that’s going on.


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Search for articles in local paper, look for words like Library and Fire Station and look at articles and opinion pieces. That will fill in some controversy info. Speaking as a white person it’s safe walking downtown. Can’t speak on behalf of BIPOC people. No place is perfect but I never avoid it out of concern but stuff happens. Likely better to walk around main streets of town and you’ll get to know which streets. Check out the local paper, subscribe if you can for a bit and read My Turn and local pieces to get a sense.


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And check if your town has municipal aggregate program. You can go on Mass.gov and search municipal aggregate to see there’s cheaper rates secured for your town. Not all towns have it but helpful to check.


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I’m not arguing this is perfect or enough, but there isn’t zero infrastructure: “Since the first waste bans were introduced, Massachusetts municipalities and businesses - often supported by MassDEP grants and technical assistance - have developed new infrastructure to collect banned items and other discarded materials, and to divert them from disposal to reuse and recycling.” info on waste bans

And programs available to support local efforts


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Go through the qualification process and when you get to Household Income you’ll see the help button gives a definition.

Also not all parts of the program have an income requirement. Call and make an appt like others said.