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Anyone know if they have a plan to actually use it though?

Like New Jersey approved marijuana the other year but just the idea of it and had zero start on any rules/laws/regulations for the industry or how to handle who can sell it or background checks and licenses etc - none of that ground work had been started before they legalized the idea.

Is Australia in the same boat, or might they see these drugs available in the near future?


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Nah nah nah - you want terrifying?

Wait till someone (a government first prolly) uses this to take control of someone important/influential/polarizing and use them for their own narrative. Everyone thinks the person in question is saying these things, but it's the government feeding lines instead and the patient is just trapped.


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They might have been chipped, but as luck would have it each of the times cept that one I found the owners quickly.

If I hadn't, idk what I woulda done tbh. Each of those times I was omw to scheduled engagements with someone who is absolutely terrified of dogs to a phobia point so I dunno if I woulda canceled going to my nieces birthday for example in order to drive the dogs to a vet for a chip check.

Although they were all super friendly good boys at least. No barking or growling, licks and love lol.


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We don't necessarily need 1 single type of battery for the entirety of the world to focus on, though.

Perhaps this replaces a large number of lithium battery uses, but if it doesn't make sense for bigger things like an electric car then we can still use the old tech. If it's made how they claim, it should be drastically better environmentally even if only a portion of the world's lithium ion battery uses are met.


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Good reminder to keep a collar on your dog.

I've come across 3 lost dogs before that clearly had owners, but none had collars or any clue as to who they belonged to.

Thankfully, 2 of the 3 I was able to reunite with the age-old trick of yelling so loudly it feels like you'll lose your voice, and the owners heard me after a few yells. (Woods, so it echoed well)

The third dog another person who lived in the area took because they were somewhat confident the owner lived nearby and I had somewhere else I had to be after a short bit of owner searching.


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There's that Chinese doctor who illegally edited two human babies (twin girls iirc?) with CRISPR in an attempt to make them immune to something, HIV or something along those lines.

Nobody else knew and he lied to the parents about what he was doing, so the study wasn't cut off at an early developmental stage like usual. The news didn't break till after the children were already born, so now they get to enjoy lots of testing and study for the rest of their lives.

So far they seem healthy and like the immunity part indeed worked, but the thing the doctor edited also does/effects more than he knew/expected and it is theorized that the girls may develop/suffer from a different issue (I can't remember what exactly) as a result.


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Aw so good to hear. A lot of parrots, especially these larger rarer breeds, are quite smart and it has been proven that they can process and understand complex emotions. Poor things.

That said - they are still animals and will act unpredictably when scared. Big props to these people for rescuing them all. Large scared/angry/defensive birds can be terrifying to be near let alone handle and their beaks are not just for show. To go at em with bare hands and nets - either the rescuers were truly dedicated, or nobody told them the proper danger level first lol.


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Educated guesses based on other info and closest living relatives.

Check out dinosaurs for example - first we thought they had scales, then we thought they had skin and feathers, then we thought it might have been a combo of the two, then we thought some of each existed - the theory evolves over time and we likely won't ever know the 110% true facts of the matter.

There's also multiple examples of skeletons being put together incorrectly or a mix of several creatures (sometimes even from drastically different time periods) being combined and so on. So we aren't even always right that X creature existed at all or was even shaped the same.