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At first glance, I thought that was sort of centered over the triangle that’s created by Tamworth, freedom and Ossipee and I thought “yeah that checks out“ because culturally it’s very similar to Western Maine and the Maine Lakes region But I realize now it’s further south. And I can’t really make a comment because I’ve never really spent any time in that area. I’m guessing Rochester…???


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You don’t seem to understand how sap is collected or made or what constitutes a food that presents a botulism danger.

Maple syrup is usually collected daily and is only collected at times of the year where temperatures are generally pretty low. Therefore decomposition isn’t really going to happen in this scenario. The main contaminant is going to be a very small quantity of feces. After the sap is collected it’s filtered and then boiled for a loooong time. Botulism toxin is rendered inert at 185° and the bacteria is self dies at 212° after ten minutes. The spores are going to survive the process but it’s my understanding that the high sugar content of the syrup does something to the spore that stops it from reproducing or producing the toxin.

Therefore not a danger. Gross, but not a danger.


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Bruh, you almost certainly eat more contaminated food than that all the time.

Fast food, hot dogs, veggie burgers, cereal and just about anything else made with grains far more risky than this situation. Unless you’re eating a grain free vegan whole food diet you’re eating rodent shit more often than you would like to.